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burned beauty of destruction
bare blackened bones of a forest lost
bleed for my short term gratification
be beef for my discerning palate
on my plate
And still I go hungry

Beach Architecture

Beaches all over the world are not made up only of sand and stone, but also plastics.
Our waste streams have become visible:
influencing our environment and our very bodies,
changing the composition of the world around us.
We are intertwined with them,
a civilization of endless possibilities,
build on structures of waste.

Points of Connection


A term first coined by scientists in 2013,
when conglomerate structures of stones, sand and other natural debris,
bound together by hardened plastic,
were first found on Hawaiian beaches.

By the Sea

A series about water
about the form of surf and wave
and the things they carry with them, guilelessly
things the tide carries to the shore, sometimes
or grinds down, othertimes
and smaller
until they float within the water column
burden of the sea


A series of necklaces full of pale leaves in imitation of different plants.

It took millennia for oil to form from dead organic material.
It takes energy and time to make a plastic bag.
And often, mere minutes to discard it.
The life which became the oil, some of which became the bag, is still in there somewhere.
I find it, bring it out, display it. To show you:
there is more here than you thought there was.

The following video describes my background and some of the techniques I use to create pieces from recycled plastic bags.
A Finnish version of the video can be found here.