Project Land Jewelry

Project Land Jewelry

In project Land Jewelry, jewelry artists will create land art for a threatened Baltic Sea.

The project consists of several phases, the main event of which will be a week creating land art on Öland, Sweden, in 2021.

The thematic background for this project is the Baltic Sea and the numerous environmental problems it is facing today, including eutrophication, marine litter and declining biodiversity, among many others. Nine countries surround the Baltic Sea and about 15 million people live on its coast. Throughout history this sea has played an important role to the life of us humans. Today it is an intensively used ecosystem and part of this project is to raise awareness about its ecological situation. This sea we live by matters and the acts we take can make a difference. We ask ourselves and you to think about the situation and how it can be spoken about through art. The Baltic sea unites nine countries, it has many names and it’s relevance is undeniable. In this project we aim to honor the Baltic Sea and let it be a source of inspiration.

The artists will interact with the Baltic Sea environment on the eastern shore of the Swedish island Öland and create ‘jewelry for the land’ using only found materials of the area around them – natural or human-made. Therefore another important point is the interdisciplinary challenge for the jewelry artists to challenge themselves and their practice in creating land art, something possibly very different from what we usually do.

Every artist will document their own work in whichever way they want and we will take pictures and videos, and post about our work along the way. All of this documentation will be made into an exhibition at the end of the year.

Before the stay on Öland the artists will prepare by freely exploring the theme on their own environment:

What is it about the Baltic that fascinates us?
What are threats to it that each of us would like to raise awareness of?
How can we translate these themes and our own practice as a jewelry artists into creating land art on Öland in August?
What is the relationship between jewelry art and land art?
What are the differences or similarities?
What happens if you change the scale from that of a body to that of a landscape?
And especially:
How can we as artists inspire others to act in this environmental question?

Find the project on Facebook (Project Land Jewelry) and Instagram @projectlandjewelry

All participants will stay at Segerstad’s lighthouse on the South-East coat of Öland and will also create their land art in that area.

This is a private initiative by jewelry artists Maja Breife from Sweden and Wiebke Pandikow from Finland. We work with contemporary jewelry ourselves but are also very interested in the natural world and concerned about environmental issues. We want to show and share this concern and raise awareness, while also broadening our own practice. We want to invite other jewelry artists to participate in this project, because having more participants will mean more dialogue, an exchange of skills and in the end a wider array of different and interesting land art pieces.